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Kung Fu Martial Arts

Cheung's Martial Arts Academy

Masters Andrew and James Cheung trained in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu under their father, Grandmaster William Cheung - teacher and mentor to the late Bruce Lee.

Brunswick, Victoria, 3056, Australia

Sifu Joseph awad

I am a qualified Sifu & Sports Coach in Hung Gar & Chi Gong Arts of Kung Fu with over Forty years experience in training and Teaching Instructors and Students.

Greystanes, New South Wales, 2145, Australia

Kung Fu is a martial art originating from China. This self-defense is already very well known until it is studied by other people from various parts of the world. Kung fu is not only considered a way of defending one's physical self when they are in a state of danger. It is also a form of discipline that requires focus, perseverance, and strength, both mental and physical. Kung Fu practitioners use their bodies and minds to achieve mastery over their opponents.

Form and Style of Kung Fu Martial Arts

There are various forms and styles of Kung Fu and each of which has unique techniques and methods. The most popular ones include Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, and Tai Chi.

Shaolin Kung Fu is known for its hard and soft techniques. The hard techniques make use of punches and kicks to attack an opponent's vital points, while soft techniques utilize grappling and throwing to subdue them. This form of kung fu is often associated with Buddhism, as monks developed it at the Shaolin temple in China.

Wing Chun is a style of kung fu that a woman, Wing Chun Ng, created. It is known for its quick and efficient movements, which makes it ideal for close-quarter combat.

Tai Chi is a slow and gentle form of kung fu that focuses on using an opponent's energy against them. It is often practiced for its health benefits, as it is known to improve balance and coordination.

How To Join Kung Fu Martial Arts Club?

If you're interested in learning kung fu, the best way to do so is to join a kung fu martial arts club. These clubs usually offer beginner classes that teach the basics of art. You can find a kung fu club near you by doing a quick online search.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your kung fu journey today!

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